Recently, OPM is becoming my jam again. None of the new stuff, sadly. But it feels refreshing listening to songs in my native language.

I think it started the other day when Enzo and I were talking about Japanese singer YUI. I’m not exactly a big fan of YUI but I accidentally spilled my secret that I’m a closet Kitchie Nadal fan as there have been numerous comparisons between Kitchie Nadal and YUI. I liked her solo and I loved her Mojofly works. (And yes, I’m a closet fan of a lot of acts. Not that I think they’re bad but it’s just that people don’t seem to expect I could like certain artists. Kitchie, Orange and Lemons and Jennylyn Mercado are three best examples)

Then, a few days later, Enzo paid a visit to Elbi. With him were these:

Kitchie Nadal and The Dawn

Kitchie Nadal and The Dawn Albums. Thanks Enzo!

I didn’t even know these old stuff were still on print. Either that, or the store he got them (he says he found them at National Bookstore LOL) just happened to have such a dire/awesome (depends on perspective) selection.

It’s literally been years since I held and OPM CD. The only music cds I’ve been buying lately are admittedly V6 ones. The last OPM CD I bought was Teeth’s Dogs Can Fly. And how long ago was that? 2004? Hm. Now I’m tempted to get more.

But I don’t know though. Somehow I feel like the money I spend to buy music only fills the executive’s pockets. We’ve all read those SOPA and PIPA arguments haven’t we? Which is why I sort-of have this belief that the best way to support artists is to catch their gigs. Or am I so wrong with that?

I’d really like to get into the OPM scene again. But somehow they’re not as accessible? They’re harder to find on the Internet (well, compared to K-pop which is being pushed so hard  it’s like it’s waving its butt in front of everyone’s face already) It feels as though the music industry in the Philippines are a bit unkind to newer acts, and the young artists are pretty much happy just to get gigs. I know there are a lot of promising acts out there but I really don’t know where to start finding them. Care to recommend bands? Point me to the right direction please.

Maybe I could get my ass over to some Cafe Antonio Sessions or Audio Heavy Productions‘ next gig.

I admit, those are also the same reasons I’m pretty much a pirate kid. But I’m willing to shell out money for local artists that have a place in my heart. (If it’s a foreign act, I have to really like them before I drain my funds on physical CDs) Hey, it’s definitely cheaper and better for the economy and local scene if I buy their stuff instead of blowing $$$ on YesAsia (but I’m still getting V6’s new single and DVD).

Speaking of OPM, I can’t believe this video isn’t viral yet.

 I’m not worthy to be even watching this epic moment on Youtube! *Sobbing and crying*

I’m so glad I caught this on Nina Sandejas’s Tumblr. (read the cute story about the jam here) This is beautiful, amazing, epic… I love how relaxed everything is and how casually they could still play their own old songs and seem to enjoy it. Plus they sound super good. Trust me, I’ve watched videos of K-pop and J-pop acts casually jamming (perhaps even those were slightly scripted)  and they sound, well, not very pleasing to the ears. But this! Minus the obstructions in the background and a few glitches, this could be a record yo!

Brb, downloading those Rivermaya songs from My Music Store PH. (cross fingers the artists get their due commission and that Universal does not hog all the profits) It’s about time I give a little back to the artists who have inspired me.

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