I bring my laptop everyday to work. I place it in a sleeve and just dump it in my Totoro bag or any tote big enough to fit it. Sadly, I sometimes walk home or commute around a bit, and I don’t think carrying that much weight is good for my shoulder. So I’m looking for a laptop backpack. I’m very particular with the “backpack” part because I need the weight evenly distributed.

Sadly, most laptop backpacks are either

  1. Too masculine
  2. Too bulky
  3. Too casual-looking, like a highschooler’s daypack.

Of course, being the vain person that I am, I want a really stylish one. Imagine wearing a nice blouse and trousers and then carrying a super casual backpack (had to link, can’t help it. They have the pushiest, most annoying sales attendants. I’ll say “Thanks, but I want something more classic and feminine-looking” , “Ma’am we have it in red, pang babae… classic po yan pwedeng pang opisina”… STFU PLZ!)

Anyway, I’m obviously looking for a certain look. I scoured the internet and below are my choices.


1. Hasso Bags


Hasso Vega

Hasso Casas

Hasso Casas

So I found out about this Columbian brand Hasso and all it’s awesomeness. It’s EXACTLY what I want. My boyfriend is biased towards the Vega (because it’s green and shares his last name), but I think the Casas might suit my needs more. Sadly, they don’t seem to have any stockist here in the Philippines.  Also, they’re both over $100, which is too much to spend on a backpack, imo. Although I’ve read good reviews for this and apparently these bags are of superior quality.

2. Herschel

Herschel Little America

Herschel Little America

Herschel Little America

Even though this back is kinda big, I really like the vintage hiking bag look of Herschel’s Little America. We actually have Herschel here in the Philippines, but they only have limited colors. But then again, I guess that’s a good thing since I can’t choose the color I want myself. I narrowed it down to these three: drab green, denim, striped.

Again, these bags are super expensive, and I think the quality isn’t as good as the Hasso (based on reviews). Still, availability is a plus.

3. Eastpak

Eastpak Klosser Cottown in Beige

Now this bag, I’m sure is available here. I actually spotted it in Bratpack last time I checked. It’s also expensive (Php4,999), and somehow does not seem very sturdy. I like the size and the style, although the beige seems much lighter IRL and I’m afraid it’ll get dirty easily.

If all else fails, I’ll probably cop this one.


Why are laptop backpacks so expensive? I’m a bit hesitant to shell out this much on a bag. But then again, many other women buy LVs and Pradas and other designer bags. Name aside, if we’re paying for quality, then I guess that price is reasonable. I just have too much vanity in me to give in to my inner scrooge and buy that Hawk one. I don’t want bags like that huhuhu.

Do you know of any cute laptop backpacks? How much are you wiling to spend on a backpack? Post your comments.

I recently signed up for Clozette.co (LOL I think I have an account whenever a fashion-y website comes up. Not that I use all of them *is lazy*) Clozette is a fashion website that combines shopping and social networking.


Clozette.co Home Page

What’s great about it is that you can get your internet fashion fix all through this site. It’s like many different fashion sites (lookbook, chictopia, poupee, polyvore + shopping sites) in one!


Tried out the look posting function.

You can organize your closet by uploading photos of your clothes and accessories, as well as looks. Although I’m still getting the hang of it. It’s kind of confusing to navigate the site. It took a while for me to figure out the difference between categories and collections. I’m also not used to typing out descriptions for every item, since I think a picture says a thousand words already. I think they can stand to streamline the upload process a bit more. :)

You can post looks and like/comment on Looks by other members. You can even create Styles using uploads by other people.



Bazaar. You can create your own store and sell your wares.

You can also shop their wide collection of items. This is actually my favorite feature since I’m kinda anti-social to hang out in social sites. They have a business account for those who are interested in putting up a Clozette acount for their brand. Members can also Create Store for FREE and sell items in their closet.


Wishlist. I can get addicted to this.

Right now, here are the things on my Clozette Desires wish list.  Aside from basically adding everything from Madewell, I also have a couple of cute trouser, flat shoes/loafers/brogues/boot, and some 60s-style dresses. Ahhh I’m loving this! I wonder why you can’t add Bazaar items to “Desires” collection though.



Cute Japanese Site

The Japanese version of the site is also cool. I think that usability-wise, the homepage is actually easier to navigate (despite being in Japanese)


I think that Clozette can be a fun social network for fashion bloggers and people who like dressing up, simply because it has everything in one. The downside is that because of that same reason, it’s kind of difficult to navigate. But once you get the hang of it, I think it’s going to be a really convenient fashion one-stop site.


PS. There’s a Clozette Fashion Finds app for iOS devices as well. I wish they would roll out one for android soon!

Well whaddya know, the world didn’t end in 2012.

2011, as I’ve mentioned in that year’s recap, was a year of trying. *cue 4 non blondes Oh my god did I try here* and afterwards told myself that for 2012 I would expect less and do more. Come midyear, I have shifted my goals towards being more understanding, patient, and authentic.

I did get my Masters degree, but a big chunk of the year was filled with trying out things and chasing different things. That might sound like exploration but it’s actually just going on starts and fits of inspiration, hoping to find myself and what I truly want. Being true to myself and holding out for what I want may have been difficult, but I guess I have been lucky because even though many times I was on the verge of being spent (financially and emotionally) I always managed to pull through. There were ALWAYS ways I am provided for, opportunities for me coming out of nowhere. And for those things, I’m grateful.

Things finally came together at the very end of the year for me, both with my relationships and career. Which is why now, more than ever, I am determined to make something out of the new year. If last year I didn’t have ambitions and actual goals, I no longer have that luxury now. Because now, I have something to lose. I have a future that I desperately want to protect. 

I cut the rest of the draft off. Suffice to say, it’s time to grow up yet again.





My Christmas Wishlist


Clockwise from top-left: Mods Coat/Parka, Watercolors, Chabudai, Vitamin C serum, wireless headphones.

First off, forgive me for neglecting this blog. Wouldn’t you know it, I’ve actually been busy. I was supposed to revamp the blog theme (was planning to go responsive) for November but other tasks were a priority. Nobody reads this anyway.

I had just finished a project and scored myself some free time. I first thought of playing DotA 2 but I realized it’s pretty late and I didn’t want to wait too long for a match (why is DotA2 matchmaking sooo slowwwww). I decided to spend three pomodoros writing this post instead.

I’m pretty content with my life right now, I’m really thankful how things turned out this year. I don’t really wis h for much, but there’s always that deep bucket wishlist of things I don’t really need but would like to play with from time to time. That’s what this wishlist consists of. So if you’re interested in getting me something for Christmas *coughcough* I have compiled a list for you.

1. Mod’s Coat/Parka – I don’t really need this in my life, but I must say I get this twinge of irrational envy whenever I see models in Jfashion mags wearing something similar. The one in the photo is by Aya Noguchi (of Balcony and Bed) for Uniqlo Designer’s Invitation Project. It’s bloody expensive though, and I don’t need that exact mods coat. Ukay is fine too.

2. Watercolor – I hate drawing but I love coloring. It’s therapeutic seeing colors blend together. I like Prang watercolors (available at NBS, although the 16-pcs set is out of stock at the SM Calamba branch huhu) because the pigments are really strong and it’s slightly moist already. I’ve been using this since I was 9 years old, sadly my old set developed molds.  I prefer cake colors over tube ones (for tubes I use Sakura). I’ll go all out with the wishing and throw some brushes in – namely a zero brush, a round brush, a flat wash brush and a chinese paintbrush. Those are the ones I use.

3. Foldable Chabudai – I work a home, usually in bed with my laptop on my actual lap. And my room (which I share with my sister) is a mess. I don’t really use a desk, the one we have is being used as a dump  storage. But sometimes I would like a wider area to work on. Especially now that I’m considering watercolors again, I would need the space. We used to have an amazing foldable chabudai when we lived in Japan but sadly we didn’t bring it to the Philippines. This one from Muji looks cool, but perhaps I would want it a bit lower and wider.

4. Vitamin C Serum – I believe this is the one thing missing from my skincare regimen. Vitamin C (L-ascorbic acid) is known to reverse skin aging/photodamage and promote collaged production/skin building. Apparently it also whitens since kpop idols use vitamin C iontophoresis to get milky white complexion. I found what seems to be a good formula from Ciracle Philippines.

5. Wireless Headphones – As I have mentioned, I work while lying down in bed. This poses a problem for when I want to use headphones – the cord always get tangled, pulled and eventually gets ruined.  It’s really inevitable when used lying down (at this point you’re probably questioning my habits. But I’m sorry, that’s the hikikomori way). The sound doesn’t have to be spectacular, just enough for me to enjoy my V6.  The one in the photo is a wireless gaming headset by Logitech, but I welcome alternatives.

Aaaand that’s it. These are the things I’d like to find under my tree this Christmas. Simple enough, as I didn’t include really ridiculous big ticket items like laser die-cutter, industrial juicer, induction stove and deep fryer. Of course, you can always go of the wish and surprise me. :) Now if only my boyfriend would post a wishlist so I’ll know what to get him without asking him hihihihi

Multiply Origination Awards Image


Once my favorite social networking site, Multiply is going through a major overhaul by getting rid of the social aspect and going 100% e-commerce. (Make sure you export your old content before the big switch!) Not only have they recognized the potential of their system as a platform for buying and selling, but they are doing everything they can to adapt their site to the function their users desire it to be.

To celebrate and promote the platform and to  recognize the ingenuity of the people who organically saw the e-commerce potential of their site, Multiply is once again challenging its user with the Origination Awards! The Origination Awards is the search for the most original product from any Multiply Trusted Store (the ones with a ‘T’ beside their display picture).

The contest has three categories:

  1. Most Original Fashion-Forward Idea –  for items that can be worn or used on the body, basically for everything vanity/kakikayan. This is probably the category under which my readers are most likely to nominate a product.
  2. Most Original Gourmand Idea –   for food and drinks. If you buy from multiply home bakers and cooks, this is the time to let them shine.
  3. Most Original Mommy Management Idea – for anything “mom”, from taking care of the baby to tools for the kitchen and prettifying the home. IMO this is a pretty broad category.


Nominate your favorite product now! Deadline is on November 18, 2012.

Despite all the hours I waste window-shopping at Multiply, I can’t quite think of a product to nominate on the top of my mind. I regularly search for products which may fall under Most Original Fashion Forward category, however most of the products I encounter are pre-order products made in Bangkok, China or Korea. I don’t buy food on Multiply since there are a lot of amazing food establishments and shops in my area. I’m not a mom so I don’t search for mommy-related items. And even if I find something I could possibly nominate, the seller unfortunately don’t have the Trusted badge.

Therefore I decided to post this, just in case my readers have an idea as to what to nominate. Perhaps I’m looking in all the wrong places. EDIT: Helga posted some suggestions on her blog!

Watch out for the announcement of finalists on December 1, 2012 and vote for your favorites! I’m curious to see all the original products netizens manage to discover. Winners will take home a business package worth Php200,000